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Product description

Size Name: 100m x 1,6m = 160m²


Professional quality weed control fabric with high UV stabilisation, weight: 150 g/m².
Tear-Resistant Weed Control Garden Fleece in Professional Quality with High UV Stabilisation, Thickness: 150 g/m² Weed Control Fabric, Water Permeable Mulch Film
The weed control ground cover is one of the most potent and environmentally friendly methods to destroy weeds and prevent growth of weeds. It won't let any sunlight get through to the weeds, so they die out. Thanks to the tear-resistance, weeds stay under the fleece and then die out.

Easy to lay material. After preparing the soil, simply lay out the fleece, cut it to size if necessary and, if desired, prepare it with cross sections for planting in the flowers/plants. After planting with mulch, soil or stone, cover and enjoy a weed-free and beautiful garden.

By laying out the fabric, the root system of the existing or newly planted plants is strengthened and the formation of the roots is supported. It regulates the moisture in the soil on the one hand by slowing down the evaporation of water and on the other hand by the water-permeable substance. The impermeable material allows rain water as well as fertiliser liquids to trickle away These liquids can then get directly to the roots, exactly where the plant needs the nutrients. Furthermore, the weed fleece stores heat through its black colour and thus promotes the growth of the plants.

Advances and expands the life span of your plants, thanks to the high UV stabilisation.

The uniform weight and distribution of the UV stabilisers of our garden fleece allows an extremely high level of tear-resistance (confirmed by tests).

This product provides an environmentally friendly and organic alternative to chemical weed killers.

The fleece is 1.6 metres wide and is cut to the ordered quantity of a roll.


Tear-Resistant Weed Control 100m x 1,6m = 160m²

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