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Practical and well thought out: our garden composter  is equipped with a sturdy hinged lid, which allows easy filling from above. The finished compost fertiliser can be removed via a removal flap. Ventilation openings provide sufficient air supply, which accelerates the bacterial effect. The dark colour on the one hand ensures optimal heat development in sunlight inside the container and makes it visually inconspicuous in the garden.
For the sake of the environment: Thermo composter component helps to reduce your household waste. Suitable for raw vegetables and fruit residues, coffee and tea grounds, coffee and tea filters, egg shells, as well as garden waste such as grass cuttings, withered flowers or herbs, foliage and shrub cutting.
A biological solution: the composter transforms organic plant waste from household and garden within approx. 6 months in fertile food for all plants. This is used as a high-quality fertiliser in the utility garden or ornamental garden.
Easy to assemble: the assembly of the organic composter is a breeze. Thanks to the plug-in system, the container can be mounted in a few simple steps and without tools. | Dimensions: H 83cm x W 61cm x D 61cm

Garden Composter - Made in Europe 300 Litre

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