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 Large Cats Stable Ceiling Height XXL Maine Coon Tower Beige Cat Scratching Post Large Cat Tree for Heavy Cats Climbing Tree Scratching Furniture Thick Post 20 Diameter Ceiling Height (225-245 cm)

This XXL cat tree for large cats is an extremely solid and stable large cat tree made of high quality. Posts full of sisal, glued sisal posts and glued plush. The fabric has been converted to the best fabric for scratching posts. Very durable
Square base plate for maximum stability: 60 x 60 x 4 cm, very strong construction. The sisal posts have a diameter of 20 cm. Special feature: fixing the floor trunks with 4 screws. This makes the tree very solid and strong.
Specially developed for large and heavy cats (38 kg total weight), lying surfaces 55 x 55 cm. The 2 lying surfaces and 2 loungers are interchangeable, can be assembled according to your own wishes. Lounger: 45 cm diameter (suitable for heavy cats and tested up to 20 kg. Available with a 1 cm thick metal frame extra reinforcement). The new hammock, a combination of a cushion and a hammock. Every cat's dream. New!
Heavy weight – suitable for all cat breeds, ideal for Maine Coons, Ragdolls and other large or heavy cats.
Unique: replacement parts – no problem if you need a scratching post replacement part. All spare parts of the scratching posts can be ordered separately. In this way, your cat tree can remain your cat's favourite place even after a while. 

XXXL Cat Tree Cat scratching Post High Quality kittens Cats heavy duty

€319.00 Regular Price
€299.00Sale Price
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