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We are particularly proud of our  Pro Glider SUP  which focuses on a particularly high level of safety. The basic prerequisite for this is the 2-chamber air system developed by us. The external air chamber surrounds the internal air chamber on which you stand securely. The 2-chamber system offers the safety that a water sports device must have. The high-quality RACE-N-TOURING SUP with removable fin has been specially developed for those who attach great importance to low weight and a compact pack size.

Safety is also not neglected with this paddle board. That's because two independent air chambers provide even more safety. In addition, the high load-bearing capacity ensures a maximum user weight of approx. 120 kilograms. To ensure that you always have a firm grip on the board and do not slip, the foot pad is made of high-quality EVA foam in the middle. To ensure that you can securely attach your luggage and appropriate utensils to the boat, tension straps have been attached to secure your luggage.

Get started right away - The paddle board comes with a lot of accessories. Among other things, you will receive a high-pressure air pump and a pressure gauge with which you can fill the air chambers with appropriate pressure. This is especially important, otherwise the boat will not have the necessary stability. Excessive pressure also has a negative effect on the air chambers. If an air chamber is defective, a repair kit is also included in the scope of delivery. The compact boat has two high-pressure fentiles for easy inflation and venting. So that you can transport the Stand Up Paddle Board easily and comfortably, it is in a practical backpack.

The removable fin ensures optimal water position and good straight-line stability. The board is so easy to manoeuvre and provides a lot of fun in the water. Riding a SUP is not only a new water sports trend, but also an effective workout for the core muscles. In addition to the increase in strength from the paddle strokes, the wobbly board requires the mobilization of the deeper muscle layers, comparable to a wobble board or the workout on a vibration plate.

The SUP has inflated the dimensions of about 332x77x14 centimeters. Due to its special size, it is very calm in the water. Despite its dimensions, it has a small pack size of only approx. 89x45x25 centimetres and can be easily transported in the supplied stuff sack.

Tension straps for securing luggage To ensure that you can securely attach your luggage to the SUP, elastic fastening straps have been attached to the boat. This makes securing your luggage a breeze.

Non-slip foot pad
The high-quality foot pad is made of EVA foam.
This way, you always have a firm grip under your feet, even on the wobbly board.

High-pressure valves
Two high-pressure valves allow the two chambers, the top and bottom, to be inflated quickly and easily. The board is ready to use within a few minutes.

Drop Stitch Technology
The drop-stitch construction in the high-pressure chamber in the bottom of the paddle board ensures that the board has a special rigidity and reliably supports users up to approx. 120 kg.

Removable fin The fin on the underside of the SUP ensures particularly good straight-line stability and better stability in the water.
Thanks to the track stabilization, the SUP is easier to steer in the water.
If you want to pack the boat in a stuff sack, simply remove it.

The  ProGlider comes with a lot of accessories. So you can inflate the paddle board and get started right away. In addition to the matching fins, an air pump, a repair kit and a pressure gauge are also included. So all you have to do is choose a paddle that suits you and you can get started right away.

Practical backpack
For even easier transport, the paddle board comes with a comfortable backpack. So you can take the SUP with you everywhere and carry it comfortably. The shoulder straps have been padded for even more comfort, while the waist belt helps to distribute the weight better.

Info Box

  • High performance RACE-N-TOURING SUP
  • Removable fin
  • 2 air chambers ensure safety
  • Non-slip foot pad
  • Tension straps for securing luggage
  • incl. High Pressure Pump
  • Incl. pressure gauge
  • Incl. repair kit
  • Incl. stuff sack
  • Main material: 100 percent PVC
  • Upper: EVA non-slip pad
  • Floor: Drop Stitch - PVC High Pressure Chamber
  • Type: Sit-on-top board / stand-up paddle
  • Handles: 1
  • Valve(s): 2 x High Pressure Valve
  • Number of chambers: 2
  • Chamber System: High-Pressure Air Floor
  • Stern/Side/Bow: circumferential PVC strip
  • Length (inflated/assembled) approx.: 332 cm
  • Width (inflated/assembled) approx.: 77 cm
  • Height (inflated/set up) approx.: 14 cm
  • Load capacity: 120 kg
  • Item Net Weight Approx.: 11.8kg
  • Pack size: (LxWxH) 89x45x25cm

SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

€1,351.00 Regular Price
€399.00Sale Price
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