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Material: Artificial stone
Colour: Multicolour
Installation Type: Wall, Cylinder


About this item
With a height of 31.5 cm and a width of 22 cm, this toilet paper holder is a unique and decorative accessory that will add a touch of originality and humour to your bathroom
The design of the toilet paper holder is inspired by a skull and depicts a scary skull with a top hat and a red clown nose. The holder is made of sturdy artificial stone and designed with loving details, such as the decorated eye sockets, the top hat, the clown nose or the beautifully designed jacket. The artificial stone material is durable and easy to clean
The toilet roll holder is easy to assemble and can accommodate a toilet paper roll. The holder can be attached to the wall and is a practical way to keep toilet paper within reach while also serving as a decorative element
The toilet roll holder makes a great gift for friends or family who want to show off their sense of humour in their bathroom
This product is perfect for those who are looking for an original and humorous accessory for their bathroom. The skull with top hat and red clown nose as a toilet paper holder is a fun and unique piece of decoration that will add personality to your bathroom. The holder is easy to install and makes a great gift for friends and family


Skull with top hat & red clown nose as toilet paper holder

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