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A scratching post with numerous advantages
The cat tower shown above passed the kitty test. Above all, the cozy and pretty snuggle cave and the ramp including scratch board were liked. But the trunks wrapped in sisal and plush, the tiered, comfortable platforms and the sunbathing area were also in great demand.

Whether you have a young kitten or a senior cat, this 48 x 48 x 96 cm (L x W x H) cat tower offers a home for every house cat.

Which part of our scratching post will your cat like the most? Think she won't be able to stop sharpening her claws on the scratch board?

Product Details:
- Colour: light grey
- Material: chipboard, cardboard, plush, sisal
- Size: 48 x 48 x 96 cm (L x W x H)
- Weight: 11.6 kg

Scope of delivery:
- 1 x scratching post
- 1 x manual (DE, EN, FR, ES, IT)

Scratching post with scratching board 96 cm Grey

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