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pressure test pump 725 PSI pressure pump 45ml test pump 5 MPa filling pump 0-50 bar Heating pressure test pump 650 x 165 x 260 mm Ideal for heating systems with water pipes Air conditioning solar systems


  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY】 - The test pump is made of high-quality steel material, which ensures high hardness and long service life. Its handle is extended (22"/55.88 cm) and wrapped in anti-slip rubber for labor-saving and comfortable use.
  • 【PRECISION METER】 - This pressure test pump is equipped with a precision pressure gauge that displays three bar/psi/MPa units and has two indicators distinguished in black and red. It can test water pressures up to 50 bar/5MPa/725 psi.
  • 【DUAL CHECK VALVES】 - With dual valves, the test pressure pump allows precise fine pressure adjustment. The two-valve system enables accurate and safe measurement results by adjusting the pump's precise self-checking pressure.
  • 【LARGE TANK VOLUME】 – Our hydraulic pressure test pump has a large water tank with a capacity of 12L/3.17 gallons. The tank is designed with a massive wall and excellent sealing performance, which makes it a steel vessel cold- and weather-resistant.
  • 【EXTENDED APPLICATION】 - The water pressure pump is used for pressure testing of water or oil on pipes in residential and industrial buildings and industrial vessels. You can use it in heating pipes, pressure vessel, irrigation, fire hose, sewer, etc.

Premium steel material

This pressure testing pump is constructed of durable steel material and its water pump body has a galvanised rust protection surface.

Tri-Unit Gauge

The pressure gauge with bar/psi/MPa units is made for more accurate and convenient readings with small scale and high accuracy.

Double valve system

Our manual pressure test pump comes with two copper check valves to control return flow and improve measurement accuracy.



Hydraulic pressure test pump

The hydraulic manual pressure tester is made of solid steel construction with an ergonomic handle and a powerful test hose. It comes with a three-unit gauge and a dual valve system for accurate measurements up to 50bar/5MPa/725psi. This test pump has a 3.17-gallon water tank that is widely used in pipe, heating and petroleum equipment industries.

  • Premium quality

  • Precision gauge

  • Dual check valves

  • Large tank volume




  • Pressure range: 0-50 bar/5MPa/725 psi

  • Suction per stroke: 45 ml

  • Connection thumb: R 1/2"

  • Container Volume: 12 L/3.17 Gallon

  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 650x165x260 mm/25.59"x6.5"x10.24"

  • Weight: 8.17 lbs / 64 kg

Pressure test pump 725 PSI pressure pump 45ml

€158.00 Regular Price
€147.00Sale Price
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