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Stable & Sturdy: 14"-36" chainsaw mill boasts a robust and durable framework, secured by the connection of anti-loosening nuts and large washers. Ensure your electric chainsaw glides smoothly and steadily. Perfect for cutting wood lumber with precision and ease.

Precise and Stable Cutting: Air gun-carved scales for highly accurate measurements, while the chainsaw positioning holes ensure stable and non-shaking cutting, guaranteeing precise and clear-cutting of the required wood thickness. Achieve professional-level precision and clarity in your woodworking.

Industrial-grade Construction: This chainsaw planking mill is expertly crafted with galvanized steel pipes, for exceptional resistance against rust and long-lasting durability. The added saw kerf can effectively reduce the risk of saw chain breakage and enhance overall longevity. It is lightweight and portable, allowing you to start your woodworking anywhere.

Adjustable Chainsaw Milling: Our wood lumber cutting saw mill is suitable for chainsaws with a bar length between 14" and 36". With adjustable planking milling height and width, you can easily mill slabs with 0.2"-11.81" thickness. Enable you to make quick and precise adjustments and cut the wood to meet your specific needs.

Widely Applicable: The chainsaw milling attachment is compatible with various chainsaw and rail mill guides. You can cut cedar, walnut, oak, and other trees into high-quality lumber with ease. Whether you're at home or in the woods, using our portable sawmill together with your chainsaw to quickly convert rough logs into beautiful slabs.

Portable Sawmill Steel Chainsaw Mill Saw Mill 5.08-300mm Cutting Thickness Suita

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