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The integrated solar heating mats are simply connected to your pool filter system and heat the incoming water via a 3-way valve.


Pool Solar Panel Set 76 x 480 cm | Solar Heating up to 20,000 L Water Content | Environmentally Friendly Heating | Pool Heating Complete Set | Solar Mat | Pool Swimming Pool Solar Panel Hot Water

Product highlights:

- Environmentally friendly heating.
- No additional energy costs.
- System-integrated solar heating mats.
- Provides pleasantly warm water.
- High-quality LDPE plastic.
- Hose connection diameter 32/38 mm.
- Also suitable for salt water.
- Very easy to install.
- Extension of the outdoor swimming season.
- Accessories included.
- UV-resistant material.
- Particularly weather-resistant and durable.

Box contents:

- Pool solar heater.
- Hose clamp.
- Connection adapter for diameter 32 and 38 mm.
- Elbow piece.
- End caps.

Technical data:

Variant 480 x 76 cm:
Length: 480 cm.
Width: 76 cm.
Area: 3.65 m².
Capacity: 7.5 litres for pools up to 20,000 litres.

Pool Solar Panel Set Solar Heating

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