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PROFESSIONAL DANCE BARRE: The chrome-plated stainless steel dance bar is ideal for private dances on different platforms. Set new goals, work your muscles and stay in shape with this dance pole
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Thanks to its removable 125mm and 250mm extensions, the dance pole can be easily adjusted and transported. Decide for yourself how high you want to place it in your private dance sessions
STATIC OR ROTARY MODE: The bar has different possibilities of use thanks to its different modes of use. By simply adjusting the screw at the bottom, you can freely choose whether you prefer a swivel bar or a static bar
VERSATILE: Whether at home or with friends, with the high-quality dance pole from SAMAX you can enjoy the most exciting moments of the night. The strip bar is also easy to clean, meaning you won't have to worry about it when the party is over
QUICK TO ASSEMBLE AND DISASSEMBLE: You decide where you want to dance or practice with this pole dance. After a night of fun, you can quickly and easily dismantle the dance pole. If you decide you're not going to use the bar, you can store it to save space



Material:    Stainless steel
Diameter:    45 mm
Maximum Load:    200 kg
Adjustable Height:    from 2.25 m to 2.74 m
Extensions:    125 mm and 250 mm

Pole Dance Professional Heavy Duty 200kg

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