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    Product Ride on Mower with 102 cm Working Width and 7.6 cm Working Depth

  • With the lawn aerator for ride-on mowers, the lawn area or the upper soil can be easily and quickly loosened and thus aerated. Through the roller equipped with gears, holes are rolled into the ground so that the grass plants are better aerated and nutrients or fertilizers can get back into the substrate. For harder floors, the weight of the aerator can be increased by placing additional weights (not included) on the upper shelf.

    The coupling makes it easy and safe to connect the aerator to the ride-on mower or lawn tractor, provided that it has a hitch device.

  • Rasenbelüfter for ride on mower
  • Working width of about 102 cm
  • Working Depth approx. 7.6 cm in the base
  • Connector for ride on mowers
  • Weight 33kg

Lawn aerator Ride on Mower with 102 cm

€333.00 Regular Price
€299.00Sale Price
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