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Performance - Powerful 1100W motor for effortless kneading and stirring - Bring the desired consistency to your doughs with ease. The powerful motor of the food processor ensures powerful mixing and kneads even heavy doughs with ease
Accessories - The die-cast aluminium stirring hook of the food processor easily masters fluffy doughs such as shortcrust, crumble or biscuit dough. The die-cast aluminium dough hook, on the other hand, is perfect for heavy doughs such as yeast, bread or pasta dough. And with the stainless steel whisk you can effortlessly make beaten egg whites, cream, meringue mixtures and much more
Capacity - The mixer has a generous 5.0 litre stainless steel bowl for dough preparation up to 2.5 - 3 kg of dough. Prepare dough in larger quantities without sacrificing quality and precision. The 5.0 litre stainless steel bowl offers enough space for efficient dough preparation
Reliable - kneading machine has a robust special gearbox that can handle even the most demanding tasks. Rely on long-lasting, reliable performance, no matter what culinary challenges you want to overcome. With the quick-release chuck, you can change tools in a flash and concentrate fully on your culinary art
Safety - The Retro food processor is equipped with a transparent splash guard, which not only allows you to work cleanly, but also offers a practical refill opening. The safety circuit automatically stops the machine when the arm is folded up to prevent injury

1100 Watts
infinitely variable electronic speed control
5 litre stainless steel bowls (for 2.5 - 3 kg dough)
Aluminium die-cast stirring hook & aluminium die-cast dough hook
Stainless steel whisk
35° swivel multifunction arm
Robust special gearbox
Transparent splash guard lid with refill opening (removable)





Kneading Machine with Transparent Splash Guard Lid with Refill Opening and Pivoting Multifunctional Arm 1100 Watt 5 Litre, Pink 

Kneading Machine with Transparent Splash Guard Lid

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