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Practical for your treasures in need: Do the new earrings get lost again and again? Do you spend too much time loosening knots in your necklaces? Stop! Make your life easier now with this practical jewelry box!
Big enough for many accessories: Have you noticed the size of the jewelry box? Big enough to accommodate a whole mountain of jewels! Open the box and enjoy the view of your shiny jewels!
Complete for different pieces of jewelry: inside drawers, removable partitions, slots, holes, hooks, pockets... everything to store your various pieces of jewelry! What else? There is a mirror to look at your beauty
Protection for sensitive pearls: Store your silky pearls in this box with soft velvet lining. The memories of your holiday in the island paradise where you found these pearls will be preserved longer
Durable for jewellery at home: With the sturdy MDF panels and high-quality lining, your jewellery doesn't have to constantly change its home. Use this jewellery box day after day, from morning to evening... Year after year!

Original – for a successful gift! Phew... You're going to come to your friend's birthday party empty-handed because you don't have a good gift idea? No no no! Instead, opt for this useful, practical and original jewellery box and hand over the gift along with best wishes!

We will show you all the highlights of this jewellery box:

The size is suitable for your entire jewelry collection.

3 drawers for bracelets and necklaces, 1 drawer with removable dividers.

10 compartments for earrings, brooches and pendants, with removable dividers with holes for 20 stud earrings.

9 slots for rings.

8 hooks for collars.

2 pockets for pendants.

2 keys to lock the box.

Product Details:

Color white

Material: MDF (medium density fibreboard), velvet lining

Size: 22.5 x 17.5 x 16.5 cm (L x W x H)

Weight: 1.6kg

Scope of delivery:

1 * jewellery box

2 x keys

Jewellery Box Velvet lining jewelry box, with 4 levels,

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