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Ice cubes in a short time: The  ice cube machine produces 9 ice cubes within 7 - 13 minutes using a 2.2 litre tank. Simply open the lid and remove the ice cubes using the included ice scoop.
Suitable for all ice cubes: ice cube maker with 2 selectable sizes (small and large). Ideal for cooling drinks, food, smoothies or for the summer party!
Practical viewing window: the ice cream maker has a large viewing window to control ice cube production.
Automatic cleaning: the automatic cleaning program of the ice cube machine takes a lot of cleaning after regular use of the machine.
Many features: practical energy-saving mode, 0.8 litre ice cube tray, alarm function when the ice compartment is full, warning lights and LED indicator.


Ice Cube Machine, Stainless Steel, 12 kg - 24 Hours, Ice Cube Maker, 2.2 Litre Water Tank, Ice Maker, LED Display & Automatic Self-Cleaning, Ice Cubes, Sizes, Small and Large

With the tillvex ice cube machine, you always have enough reserve of refreshing ice cubes, even in the hottest summer.

The daily production of the ice cube machine ranges up to 12 kg for the small and 15 kg for the large ice cubes – whether for garden parties,

family gatherings, cocktail enjoyment or fresh food. You are never dependent on the freezer again

Ideal for drinks, food, smoothies, at home, camping or for the next celebration

Product advantages:

Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 33 cm (D x W x H). Capacity for ice making: 12-15 kg / 24 hours. Ice storage capacity: 0.8 kgProduction time: 7-13 minWater tank: 2.2 litres. Integrated warning lights (ice full, add water, work). Programme for cleaning. LED display with illuminated display. Space-saving. Very quiet in operating mode. Practical window design with lid. Power supply: 220-240 V ~ / 50-60 Hz


Warming material: PU Material: ABS / stainless steel. Net weight: 11 kg

Box contents:

1 x ice cube machine, 1 x ice cube tray, 1 x ice cube scoop, instruction manual 

Ice Cube Machine Stainless Steel 12 kg - 24 h Ice Cube Maker 2.2 Litre Water Ta

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