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6.8 or 20LITRES 

About this item
The drinks hot machine allows a continuously adjustable temperature between 30 °C to 110 °C and keeps this temperature over the desired period of time. The hot drink dispenser is equipped with a thermostat and overheating protection.
Boil function and warming function for up to 10 litres of mulled wine. The level indicator allows a reliable reading of the existing remaining quantity. The lid is designed in such a way that it protects against heat but at the same time allows you to carry the preserving machine, tea or coffee. Thanks to the use of stainless steel, neutral in taste.
The integrated tap can be used in continuous operation or for individual consumption to pour drinks.

Capacity: approx. 6.8 litres, connection: 220 - 240 V - 50 Hz, heating power: 1500 watts,



20Litres  Heating output: 1500 & 2500 watts. Temperature setting: Outer diameter: (approx. 22 cm. Power cable length: approx. 1.25 m.



temperature setting: 30 - 110 °C, outer diameter: approx. Diameter 22 cm, power cable length: approx. 1.25m

Hot Water Dispenser Mulled Wine Cooker

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