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Introducing Bali Furniture: Elevate Your Home with Exquisite Albizia Wood Creations

Are you in search of that perfect piece of furniture to infuse your home with an air of unique elegance? Look no further than our exquisite Bali furniture, meticulously crafted from Albizia wood, to bestow your living space with an irresistible charm.

🌳 Wood Type and Color: The enchanting allure of Albizia wood lies in its natural lightness and softness. As a fast-growing, sustainably cultivated wood from Indonesia, it has been cherished for centuries in the realm of furniture production. The creamy, lustrous finish of Albizia wood complements any interior effortlessly.

📏 Dimensions: Our Bali furniture boasts a table top measuring 59 x 39 cm and stands at a height of 39 cm, making it a versatile addition to any room. The best part? It arrives at your doorstep fully assembled, ensuring an effortless setup process.

🤲 Lovingly Handmade: Our furniture and accessories are not just pieces of decor; they are timeless expressions of craftsmanship. Each creation is lovingly handmade, bearing the mark of artisanal excellence. Please be aware that as unique pieces, these items may exhibit slight variations in their shape and color, ensuring that you own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

✅  Product: Quality and sustainability lie at the core of our mission. We take pride in exclusively sourcing our materials from sustainable wood plantations and reusing wood, minimizing our environmental footprint while delivering top-notch products.

Add a touch of Bali's rich culture and artistry to your home with our Albizia wood furniture. Each piece tells a story, making your space truly exceptional. Elevate your interior with the beauty of Bali today.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your living space. Visit our website or store to explore our full range of Bali furniture and accessories. Experience the magic of Bali in your own home, courtesy🌴🏡

Handmade oriental side table coffee table

€179.00 Regular Price
€147.00Sale Price
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