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 Glass Convector Glass Heater 2000 W App WiFi Electric Heater with Remote Control Convector Heater Radiator Touch & LCD Display Electric Radiator Standing or Wall Device

This powerful electric heater ensures heating within a few seconds thanks to the maintenance heat process. The targeted heat thanks to the reflector effect ensures directional heat development in all directions.

Thanks to the splash-proof housing, you can also use the electric convector e.g. in the bathroom. The innovative technology is corrosion resistant and extremely durable.

The included wall mount in this electric heater allows mounting on any wall. The electric radiator can be moved quickly thanks to two feet with wheels. The glass convector ensures maximum comfort thanks to the timer setting of 1 - 24 hours. Thanks to the low-noise design, it can also be used when sleeping or conversations.

The wall heater has powerful aluminium heating elements. The application can be done either as a standing or wall heating.

Quick operation via smart app. Change the temperature, timer or mode selected within a few seconds. Alternatively, the operation can also be carried out via touch display.

Instant-Heat explained: Instant Heater does not primarily heat up the immediate ambient air, but the items and people they meet. The heat development is done more targeted and effective thanks to this technique.

Reduce your energy costs with ECO mode. This reduces the power consumption to a minimum. The temperature can be adjusted from 5 - 40 °C.

The included sensor thermostat with frost protection function provides additional for this electric standing device. Create precise daily planning thanks to the weekly mode. Thanks to the comfort mode, room temperature adjustments can also be made, so that the heater heats constantly.

Product Highlights:

Temperature selection from 5 - 50 °C thermostat for regulating and setting the desired temperature. 24 hours timer mode. High-quality safety glass (suitable up to 600 °C). Includes Wall mount, silent operation, overheating protection, aluminium housing, even heat distribution, touch LCD display, can be operated via Smart-Life app or remote control, WiFi function, perforated metal back, no dust swirling, aluminium heating elements, child safety lock. and Frust mode

Technical data:

Mains voltage: 230V ~ 50HzProtection class: IP24Temperature: 5 °C - 50 °C

Technical data:

Power: 2000 watts. Material: Aluminum, plasticVoltage: AC 220-240VFrequency: 50HzCable Length: 2mDimensions: 83 x 26 x 52 cm (L x W x H). Protection according to IP24. Temperature: 5 °C - 40 °C

Areas of application:

Indoors, garage, workshop, warehouse and production halls, basement, living area, bathroom, bedroom, etc.



Glass Convector Glass Heater 2000 W App WiFi

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