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Approx 50cm 

  • Unique reborn baby doll: the head of the doll has small injection holes made of silicone. The injection hole is due to the doll-making process. And it usually leaves a slight impression on the doll’s head. Each doll is unique with a birthmark
  • Skilfully designed with love: each IVITA reborn doll is handmade from start to finish. We treat them like a real baby with a realistic belly button. Look at her delicate and sweet face. You can’t help but kiss her face. Just take a look at her beautiful hands, tiny toes and cute feet. You can’t help but hug her
  • Full-body silicone reborn doll which feels like a real baby: our reborn baby doll is made of full silicone. She looks like a real baby. When you hug her, she feels like a real baby. Soft body, realistic hands and feet. The baby doll's head and limbs are as real as a baby’s. When you gently caress them, you want to hug them and kiss her cheek like your baby
  • The skin is the most unique thing about this doll. Our engineer has used a lot of time to make the baby skin look more realistic so that the colour does not fade. Nose: The nostrils are open as if the baby doll breathes. Head: the head simulation real baby size, very cute. The head of the doll has small silicone injection holes. The injection hole is due to the production process of the doll. And usually it leaves a slight impression on the head. Each baby doll is unique with a birthmark.

Full body silicone reborn baby doll

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