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 Firewood Rack 100 x 150 x 25 cm Rectangular Dark Grey Metal Indoor / Outdoor Firewood Storage Made of Coated Steel Firewood Stand Firewood Rack for Fireplace / Oven


  • Optimal solution – the firewood rack made of powder-coated steel, is the perfect solution for tidy storage of firewood and also protects it from soil moisture.
  • High-quality material – the frame is made of black metal and is very robust. Thanks to the simple shape and the neutral colouring, the firewood rack can be integrated into almost all living spaces.
  • Clear – for storing firewood next to fireplace or oven. Logs are dry and always within easy reach. Filled firewood stand is decorative. This elegant wooden shelf fits almost any ambience thanks to its neutral design.
  • Indoor/outdoor – can be used indoors and outdoors, you can place the firewood holder as a decorative furnishing element next to the oven or fireplace or place it in the garage or cellar. The firewood rack can also be placed outside in protected corners.
  • Tidiness – The firewood holder is a practical and elegant device for storing firewood. The wood is stored air permeable and thus protected against mould formation etc. This wooden shelf has the neatness, cleanliness and dryness of the wood.

Firewood Rack 100 x 150 x 25 cm Rectangular Dark Grey

€136.00 Regular Price
€128.00Sale Price
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