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Small, handy and yet effective. With its 18 or 24lbs thrust, it is designed for use on inflatable boats or canoes. It  is characterized by optimized power consumption, which guarantees longer operation with the same battery capacity. It has a switch for "forward", "off" and "backward". For this purpose, you can choose between two speed levels. The depth of immersion of the propeller in the water as well as the steering pressure are infinitely adjustable by means of knurled screws. The tiller can be recessed into the motor head to save space for transport. And finally, the stock  is equipped with a patent lock so that the motor folds up should it hit an obstacle. The mount of it  is even more high-quality and practical. Overall, this product  is extremely easy to use, comfortable and safe. With this engine, you can also get started in nature reserves or drive when combustion engines are not permitted. The operation of this engine does not require a driver's license.

If you ever need a spare part, you can contact us with confidence. We can provide you with common spare parts.


  • Weight: 3.6kg
  • Shaft length: 60cm
  • Maximum boat weight: 500kg (VX 18) / 600kg (VX 24)
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Length of battery cable: 1.60m
  • Gears: 2V/2R

Electric Outboard Motor

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