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Electric Hoist 400kg 230 V 12m Automatic for Installation of Equipment, Hoist Elements, Mechanical Traction
Power: 850W
Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Chain diameter: 5mm
Hull Material: A3 Steel
Motor Material: Copper Wire
Height: Single Line: 12m / Double Line: 6m Minimum distance between two hooks: 20-20mm
Lifting speed: single line 8m/min / double line 4m
Maximum capacity: single line 200KG / double line 400KG

Package Included:1x Electric Hoist 2x Holder
4x Screws

2x Hooks
1x User Manual


Please read the instructions before use. The installation position of the electric train must be chosen in a location that meets the requirements and is easy to operate.
Check whether the installation of the electric train is regularly stable.
The material to be moved is fixed with a pulley hook.
Lift the load with the controller and move it to the desired position.

Electric Hoist 400kg 230 V 12m Automatic

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