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A versatile product
The vacuum  broom removes dust mites, bacteria and dust on all surfaces thanks to its cyclone technology.

Equipped with a floor cleaning brush and a nozzle for cracks and sofa.

Power: 13 kpa
Capacity: 0.5 litres
Cable length: 5 m
Lightweight as a spring: Thanks to the lightweight, slim body and ergonomic handle, you can move easily in any room and reach even the most difficult corners.
2 in 1: It can be used both as a standing broom and a handheld vacuum cleaner, making the broom an indispensable helper for daily household cleaning.
TOP PERFORMANCE: Cyclone technology ensures that dust, dust mites and bacteria are perfectly removed from household surfaces.
HEPA Filter: The filter ensures maximum retention of micro-dust in the container, ideal for pollen and pet allergy sufferers.
UNIVERSAL BRUSH: The brush is suitable for deep cleaning of terracotta, marble, porcelain and ceramic floors; also for carpets. Also included is a crevice tool that allows you to reach hidden corners.
INNOVATIVE CABLE The retractable power cable is 5 meters long and can be taken anywhere.

Electric broom, 500 ml tank, removable handle, vacuum cleaner

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