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Choice of   Acacia wood or Sheesham


About this item
Attractive kitchen bench with 4 sturdy legs made of solid wood
Handmade – each item is unique and has its own grain.
Sheesham solid wood // Smaller cracks, knotholes and colour differences are typical of solid wood as it is a product of nature
Graceful and natural wood grain
Width: 160 cm, height: 45 cm, depth: 35 cm

  • Ideal complement to your dining table





Width: 160 cm, height: 45 cm, depth: 35 cm


Acacia wood.The acacia wood is one of the hardest and most robust woods in the world. It is approx. 1.7 times harder than oak and has a very long service life and durability.The right room climate is important.Naturally the acacia wood is very robust. The wood reacts sensitively to bad room climate. A constant indoor climate of 20-24 degrees Celsius and a constant humidity of 40-60% are best suited for solid wood furniture made of acacia. Please make sure that you do not place furniture made of acacia wood next to a heater, oven or other heat sources. Unfortunately, this also applies to underfloor heating. Due to the heat fluctuations (switching on the heating off), the acacia wood contracts and expands again. This can cause cracking and warping table legs and drawers. Even dry heating air can make the wood brittle. In order to create a constant, pleasant feel-good climate for acacia furniture, it is recommended to use indoor plants or a humidifier.Water and heat - the natural enemy.If something is spilled on the painted acacia wood, it is quick to prevent unwanted keepsakes. It is best to remove the spilled liquid thoroughly with kitchen paper. Please do not place wet or hot objects (water rim glass, cooking pot) on the acacia surface. This can lead to unremovable, ugly bright stains in the wood.Stay relaxed...if your acacia furniture slightly darkens over time. This is completely normal and part of the acacia. By sunlight, the acacia wood darkens slightly. Therefore, place your solid wood furniture in a beautiful place with constant light to let the entire surface "darken".


  • Fits perfectly into almost all interior styles
  • Sturdy legs support the seat
  • Rectangular shape
  • Easy to combine
  • Ideal for dining tables with a height of 76 cm


  • Recommended number of people: 1-4
  • Seat 160 x 35 cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 200 kg

Dining Room Bench Solid Wood Sheesham 160cm

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