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Deluxe wooden case painting set – 174 pieces – this deluxe real wood case has a foldable design for easy storage of watercolour pencils. The deluxe art set contains all the tools needed from beginners to artists. A mega selection of different painting accessories: 54 oil pastel pens, 34 coloured pencils, 36 different paint tubes (12 x oil, acrylic and water colour), 42 markers, 2 pencils, 4 bristle brushes, sharpener and eraser.
Practical case – all parts are housed in an elegant and practical case. The case has two outward folding levels, so you can easily access all the utensils in the set. The wooden case is extremely stable and has a comfortable handle, so it can be easily transported. The tightly riveted locking clips allow for secure closure without the case opening by itself due to shocks.
With outdoor adjustable easel – The foldable easel  is a great way to take the artistic drawing or painting process to a new level quickly and easily. When painting, it is not only about the great end result, but it is also about igniting the love of art.
Foldable and classic table table stand – the tripod design is timeless and elegant. The easel can be easily folded up and taken with you as soon as you have finished your artwork. It is best if you use a flat surface, but can also be placed on uneven surfaces thanks to the differently adjustable legs.
Sturdy, stable and lightweight – the rubberised feet, which can be attached to the ground with pegs, and the individually adjustable telescopic legs guarantee a firm and even stand anywhere. The 1000 gram weight is ideal for making this easel as a companion essential for you as an artist.

Technical data for easel:
Colour: Black Material: Metal Adjustable height: approx. 50-156 cm. Max. Mount for frame: approx. 80 cm. Max. Carrying weight: approx. 12 kg

uitable for painting. Can even be used on uneven surfaces. With tray and holder for paints and brushes. The stand can be assembled in a few simple steps

The foldable easel is suitable for adults and children made of high-quality materials, adjustable height 50-156 cm, light and stable

Carry bag included size (W x H x D): approx. 50 x 8 x 9 cm

Box contents: 1 x painting case including Painting accessories, 1 x foldable easel with carry bag

Deluxe Folding Painting Case 174 Pieces with Easel, wooden case

€149.00 Regular Price
€132.00Sale Price
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