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Product dimensions11D x 43.5W x 50H centimeters


A well-rounded affair

Who says a living room table has to be in the same place all the time? The fancy model from us allows you to vary the location as you wish. Because it is pleasingly compact. It does not lose any of its charm. The combination of metal and wood contributes decisively to this. Cleverly put together, the coffee table evokes stormy enthusiasm in many a person.


The round table made of fine Sheesham solid wood is pleasantly idiosyncratic. A functional table top is enthroned on needle-shaped metal legs. Despite the filigree design, the legs give the construction stable support. In addition to the upper shelf, the coffee table has further storage options. Four compartments are ready for you to deposit books, reading glasses and much more neatly. The handmade wooden table optimally fulfills both homely and functional components.

To pamper your eyes, the wood of the Sheesham tree has been chosen. It is very popular in furniture construction because of its expressive grain. The strong reddish-brown colour also creates a homely flair. Native to India, the tree is now planted sustainably on plantations. Many know the noble wood under the name rosewood or rosewood. You get the beauty of the natural product with little effort. Due to the sealing with protective varnish, wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient if necessary. A promising piece of furniture, don't you think?


Sheesham or rosewood is an extremely hard, resistant and striking wood due to its beauty. Its rapid growth makes the Sheesham tree excellent for controlled plantation cultivation.

Precious wood

The wood of the sheesham tree, like the oak, cherry or cedar, belongs to the so-called precious woods. Precious wood refers to woods with a special grain, colour, hardness or rarity.


Sheesham furniture is absolutely unique. Just like the tree from which they were made, the coloring and grain is absolutely unique. Each Sheesham solid wood piece of furniture looks a little different and is unique. Two identical Sheesham pieces of furniture can look completely different. This is not a defect at all, but makes every piece of furniture something very special, valuable and unique. And that's exactly what makes Sheesham furniture so unique.

Legs must be mounted


Decorative items are not included
 Coffee table made of fine Sheesham rosewood solid wood
Large table top offers space for remote control, snacks and Co.
Four storage compartments provide additional storage space
Round shape - ideal for many residential landscapes
Filigree legs made of powder-coated stainless steel support the body
Sheesham solid wood
Unique grain
Four storage compartments
Round shape
total load capacity: 15 kg

Coffee Table Sheesham Solid Wood

€229.00 Regular Price
€219.00Sale Price
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