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Chicken Feeder Automatic 9kg Trough Feeds 6-12 Poultry Fowl Up to 10 Days Keeps Dry with Spill Proof Galvanized Steel Bird Prevention for Chickens, Pheasants, or Roosters


  • Specification - The Standard Automatic Poultry Feeder Trough will hold 9kg(20 lbs) of feed; Includes: Mesh Fence/Anti-Flick Grill stops chickens throwing food out and prevents chicken feed from being stolen by wild birds, rats/mice or large animal
  • Reliable Design - Use Side Guards to train fowl to stand on tread-plate to access food and protect the feed from escaping; Built of High Quality Galvanized Steel to withstand extreme outdoor conditions and provide excellent rust/corrosion resistance
  • Capabilities - Outlet opening enables large comb roosters to access feed with ease; This Trough provides feed to approximately 6 fowl for up to 10 days; Our large box design is suitable for all Fowl and provides feed for smaller flocks of up to a dozen
  • Safety - Do not use with young chicks as the feeder action may harm them; Chickens must weight at least 1.8lbs to activate and operate the feeder by themselves; Anti-slip Diamond Pattern Plate protects Fowl from slipping
  • Proper Use - Always place feeder on flat ground; Do not tighten up nuts and bolts on linkages; These have been factory set to be loose and allow free movement; Keep Feeder out of Direct sunlight to prevent Fowl Injury

Chicken Feeder Automatic 9kg

€169.00 Regular Price
€139.00Sale Price
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