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 A training program on the punching bag is an absolutely effective workout for the whole body. It can be practiced very well in your own home or in the house without having to go to a gym. Interval training, shadow boxing, endurance training - there are no limits to your training program. There is always a suitable corner for the punching bag at home, as it does not require much space. On the sandbag you can practice and train punches such as hooks, cross or jab. The set includes a high quality heavy punch bag including ceiling mount and a pair of 6oz boxing gloves with wide Velcro straps for a secure fit. A pair of bandages with thumb sling are also included. Get the punching bag set home.


Professional training options
Robust punch bag including ceiling mounting.
High quality boxing gloves
Includes bandages

Technical details:

Total punch bag dimensions (L x diameter): 56 x 26 cm.
Total height including suspension: approx. 80 cm
Total dimensions of boxing gloves (L x W): 25 x 20 cm.
Size: 6 oz.
Total dimensions of bandages (L x W): 220 x 5 cm.
Weight: 10 kg.
Punch bag material: faux leather, textile, sandbag and EPE.
Boxing gloves material: Faux leather, foam
Material bandage: textile.

Package includes:

1 punching bag including ceiling mount.
1 pair of boxing gloves (size: 6 oz).
1 pair of bandages.
Instruction manual

Boxing punch bag set Filled with 10 kg

€149.00 Regular Price
€129.00Sale Price
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