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Introducing our exquisite Art Nouveau Balcony Railing, a true testament to timeless elegance and style. This decorative masterpiece brings the essence of French Art Nouveau to your home, instantly transforming your space into a work of art.

Key Features:

Material: Cast Iron
Dimensions: Height 88 cm x Width 36.5 cm, plus top and bottom threaded bars (Length 1.8 cm)
Weight: Approximately 10 kg
Versatility: Suitable for balcony railings, stairs, deck railings, and fencing
A Glimpse into History:
The  Balcony Railing takes inspiration from the iconic Art Nouveau style of Paris in 1890. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it captures the essence of this influential movement.

Elevate Your Space:
The individual elements of this railing are designed for easy assembly, providing you with the flexibility to create stunning balcony railings or to use them as staircase sticks for your home. Each piece comes equipped with threaded rods at the top and bottom, making installation a breeze.

Rustic Beauty:
Our railing arrives with a captivating Rust Patina, adding a touch of vintage charm to your surroundings.

Package Content:

1 x  Balcony Railing, cast iron

Height: 88 cm
Width: 36.5 cm
Plus top and bottom mounted threaded rods (Length 4.5 cm)

Approximately 10 kg

100% Brand New
Each piece of the  Balcony Railing is handcrafted, embodying the skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail of our artisans. As a result, you may notice slight variations in shape and surface, which are characteristic of our high-quality products. These variations showcase the authenticity of handmade work and add a unique, personalized touch to your purchase.

Elevate your home with the allure of  the Balcony Railing today and infuse your space with timeless beauty and character.

Art Nouveau Gate, Stairs Antique Style

€249.00 Regular Price
€188.00Sale Price
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