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  • STABILITY MEETS DESIGN: Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with our greenhouse with foundation, whose anodised aluminium frame not only promises you a robust construction, but also gives you a modern look. Whether as a greenhouse or as a generous plant tent for wintering, the sturdy frame construction withstands wind and weather and offers optimal conditions for your green protectives.
  • HIGH GROWTH SPACE: Do you have problems giving your tomatoes, cucumbers or exotic plants enough space to grow? Don't worry! With the sufficient height of our greenhouse, you can easily cultivate even higher plant species. Ideal as a tomato greenhouse or as your own garden shed, it offers enough space to let your plants thrive even in winter.
  • Heat and light perfectly combined: Say goodbye to cold winters and 'hello' to optimal growing conditions! Thanks to the heat-insulating hollow chamber web panes, it stays pleasantly warm inside our greenhouse, while at the same time sufficient light penetrates for your plants. Perfect for winter protection for plants and potted plants - your green friends will thank you!
  • Optimal protection against environmental influences: protect your plants from cold, rain and frost. With the UV-resistant polycarbonate (PC) panes of our greenhouse, which have a thickness of 4 mm, we offer you and your plants reliable frost protection. In addition, the risk of sunburn on your plants is minimised, a must for any plant lover who wants to accompany their green friends through every season.
  • Ventilation and cover: thanks to the practical sliding door and the roof window, each in generous dimensions, optimal ventilation is always ensured. This ensures air circulation even on hot days. And don't worry about stormy times: the additional stability thanks to the ground foundation keeps your greenhouse securely on the ground. This makes it the perfect choice, not only as a greenhouse, but also as a winter tent for plants and as a protective garden shed.



  • Sturdy anodised aluminium frame construction
  • Additional stability thanks to galvanised steel base
  • Thermal insulating transparent hollow chamber sheets
  • UV resistant polycarbonate
  • Sliding door for easy access
  • Roof window to open
  • Sufficient height for many types of fruit and vegetables
  • Protects plants from cold, rain and frost

190 x 185 x 195 cm Sturdy Frame 




Aluminium Greenhouse,

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