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6 Tier Shelf Ladder Shelf Storage for Books, Decoration, Bedroom, Living Room, Office, 60 x 30 x 204.8 cm, Industrial Design, Vintage Brown/Black


  • Where to put this ladder shelf? Unleash your imagination! To the living room to set up a reading corner, to the kitchen to store snacks and sweets, or to the balcony to create a secret garden. What is your plan?
  • Where do these 6 stages lead? To a world full of industrial charm! The combination of vintage brown chipboard with a black metal frame creates an industrial atmosphere
  • Why are only 2 legs enough for this shelf? Lean this shelf against your wall and secure it with the overlying anti-tilt device. Tada! The ladder shelf is as stable as a piece of furniture with 4 legs and still takes up little space. Wonderful!
  • How long does joy last? The longer, the better. The high-quality chipboard and the robust metal are an unbeatable duo that ensures a long service life and good load capacity (up to 15 kg per shelf)
  • The assembly runs like clockwork: The marked parts and easy-to-understand, illustrated instructions make assembling this bookshelf child's play. This gives you more time to choose the treasures you want to flaunt


6 Tier Shelf Ladder Shelf Storage

€138.00 Regular Price
€127.00Sale Price
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