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3 pieces bedside tables
side table set, 3 pieces bedside tables, coffee tables, with metal legs, simple construction, industrial design, vintage brown-black
RUSTIC CHARM: The vintage brown table surfaces radiate a touch of bygone times, the steel frames a little factory chic. Combined, these elements conjure up a consistently positive mood in your home.
TOGETHER OR SEPARATELY? Separate the side tables when guests have announced themselves to distribute drinks and snacks in your apartment. Simply reassemble the side table set after the visit to save space
ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE: Do you want to have your red wine glass always within reach when reading a book? Or do you need a bedside lamp next to your bed? These 3 tables combine a wide range of uses in one harmonious set
SET UP IN 10 MINUTES: Mount table legs, tighten screws – and the functional pieces of furniture are ready for a style update in your home
WHAT DO YOU GET? 3 differently sized side tables, which can be cleverly pushed together and easily set up, as well as a space-saving way to upgrade small living rooms.

3 pieces bedside tables coffee table side table set,

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