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Multi-Purpose Aluminium Telescopice Ladder

Premium Aluminum Alloy: Telescopic ladder using high strength and high hardness aluminum alloy tube, better quality and safer.

Portable and Compact: The lighteweight telescoping ladder and the handrail designed at the bottom make the ladder easy to carry to common scenarios.

Portable and Compact: The Telescopic Ladder with Stabiliser is perfect for DIY, indoor and outdoor work, garden work, loft access and much more!

  • Two Detachable Hooks, rotate 360°
  • Anti-Slip Stabiliser
  • Soft Close Design
  • Wider at the bottom for stability


Whether you want to increase or decrease the height, a high-quality telescopic ladder can do the job. Allows you to quickly and easily adjust the height to a maximum of 12.5 feet (3.8m), and the spring lock pin can hold it firmly in place,

Good partner on the journey

The telescopic ladder can be used to climb the roof of the RV, and the foldable ladder can be placed under the RV storage box and bed. We believe that this will be your good partner in the journey.

3.8m Telescopic Ladder Extendable Ladder Multi

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