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About this item

  • Height: approx. 24 inches; weight: approx. 3.3 pounds
  • Head: silicone vinyl material; Body: fabric body. LIMBS: Arms and legs are made of silicone vinyl, can be rotated
  • Skin colour: hand-painted skin colour
  • Fragrance: soft baby powder fragrance, the scent of the baby comes from vinyl material, non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • We will try to send you the same clothes with picture shows, but if the clothes are not in stock, we will send random clothes

Product description

The doll can sit and lie easily, but cannot stand and talk. This doll is not anatomically correct.
The hair is handmade hair, it is very similar to human hair.
This doll has large adorable eyes, the eyes are made of high quality acrylic, clear and bright. The eyes cannot blink and close.
The doll comes to you with her adorable outfit as a picture, a magnetic dummy, a baby bottle, a birth certificate. It can be a Christmas gift for your children, a family event for you and an excellent choice for role play and parent games.


24 Inch 60 cm Large Size Hand Drawing Hair Newborn Baby Reborn Toddler Girl

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