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23 L - 3-in-1 Pannier Luggage Rack Side Bag Backpack Laptop Bag Waterproof Reflective"

 waterproof 3 in 1 bag - pannier for the luggage rack - backpack - office bag with laptop bag Comano 23 L - the waterproof all-rounder - pannier bag - daybag - messenger bag with laptop bag
and organizer

Sporty and stylish all-rounder for every area of use. Whether as a waterproof side bag on the luggage rack, sporty backpack or as a stylish office messenger with laptop bag and organizer, the Comano bicycle bag is ideal for everyday use.

Made from waterproof 500D tarpaulin, paired with dense, taped seams, this 3-in-1 bag truly defies any weather. The bike bag is closed with press studs, a long Velcro fastener and the proven roll-down system with webbing security. With the help of the roll-top closure technology, the bag can be compressed in height and the contents are perfectly protected from rain and moisture. For small items or valuables that need to be within easy reach, there is an 18 cm wide slip pocket on the front. The zipper of this front pocket is of course also 100% waterproof. For road safety, reflective, silver-coloured reflectors are printed on them. Furthermore, there is a lamp holder on both sides and the front to be able to attach e.g. a rear light or a signal lamp.

For lateral attachment to the luggage rack, the pannier has an automatic system. By pulling on the handle, the two holders open and the bag can be easily hooked in or out of the bar of the luggage rack. If you let go of the handle, the holders close automatically. The fastening system is suitable for all luggage racks with 15mm, 11mm or 8mm thick poles. Corresponding reducers for 8 and 11 mm thick luggage rack tubes are included in the scope of delivery. These adapters are stored in a small zippered pocket underneath the holder cover. For longer bike tours or for permanent attachment to the luggage rack frame, the lower part of the bag can also be fixed with a Velcro strap. For this purpose, a fastening rail with 10 positions is available, on which the fastening strap can be moved to the left and right.

In order to be able to use the pannier as a backpack, 2 padded and adjustable shoulder straps are attached to the back and stowed in a waterproof closable slip pocket. If necessary, these are plugged into the bottom with buckles, so that a full-fledged backpack is created. In the construction of the shoulder straps, we have attached great importance to an extended design, so that the backpack can also be carried comfortably with a thicker outdoor jacket.

To ensure that the pannier bag is suitable for everyday use in the office, work or school, a padded laptop bag with organizer compartments is included in the delivery. The laptop bag fits tablets, iPads and notebooks up to 15.6". The outer compartments can be used to store a mobile phone as well as accessories such as a charger and mouse.

The all-rounder Comano measures 45 x 31 x 17 cm (W/D/H), has a capacity of 23 litres, weighs around 1610 g and can be loaded with up to 10 kg of luggage.

Would you prefer something smaller? The identical fashionll Arco offers 19 liters of volume - a link to the corresponding offer can be found in this description below.

3-in-1 Multitalent
Luggage Carrier Bag - Backpack - Office Bag with separate laptop bag = suitable for everyday use!

• Material: 100% PVC 500 D• Volume: 23 liters max. 10 kg
• Size: 45 x 31 x 17 cm (W/D
• Weight: 1610 g

Luggage rack
The bike bag that can be attached to the side fits all luggage racks with a tube diameter of 8 mm, 11 mm or 15 mm.

2 shoulder straps transform the pannier into a full-fledged backpack. The straps are padded, adjustable, can be loosened at the bottom and stowed in the upper slip pocket with waterproof zipper.

Laptop bag with organizer The separate laptop bag can hold tablets, iPads and notebooks up to 15.6". The front compartments are designed for mobile phones and accessories.

The fastening system is individually adapted to the luggage rack. The system can be adjusted in width and to the existing tube diameter of the luggage rack. This means that the bag fits almost all bicycles and e-bikes.

Automatic system
Pull, hook, release! There is no faster way to attach a pannier to the luggage rack. If the pannier is not mounted on the bike, a cover flap protects the fastening mechanism.

Roll-down system The bag is a top-loader with a roll-down system
. The opening is closed with a Velcro strap and snap fasteners, rolled down and secured with the help of a Velcro strap.

Waterproof zippers
To ensure 100% waterproofing, the front pocket and the compartment for the shoulder straps are equipped with waterproof zippers.

Printed silver-coloured reflectors on the side and front light up brightly as soon as they are illuminated. 3 brackets on the sides and front are used to attach a signal lamp.

23 L - 3-in-1 Pannier Luggage Rack Side Bag Backpack Laptop Bag

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€88.00Sale Price
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