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Wheelchair Ramp, Aluminium, Foldable, (90 cm, Mobile, Foldable, 270 kg - Wheelchair Ramp, Suitcase Ramp, Flat Ramp, Access Ramp for Wheelchairs, Walkers

Material Aluminium
Colour Silver
Item weight 7 Kilograms
Load capacity 270 Kilograms
Is foldable Yes
Freely move: this portable ramp has a lip for hanging in a vehicle and is designed for safe use by people on scooters and wheelchairs
Lightweight but powerful: the light weight of this ramp makes it easy to move while its load capacity limit of 270 kg is useful for a variety of wheelchairs and other tools
Practical: this wheelchair ramp measures 91.2 x 73 cm and can be folded and minimised for easy transport
Durable: our disabled ramp is made of aluminium, which ensures a long service life and corrosion resistance and is therefore perfect for outdoor use
Additional value: carry the suitcase ramp on the handle anywhere and relax during use thanks to the guardrails.

Wheelchair Ramp, Aluminium,

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