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Product dimensions: 33W x 145H centimetres
Colour: Rope Ladder
Item weight: 860 Grams
About this item
✔ The children's hanging ladder is made of high-quality materials and meets European strict quality standards. The product is robust but lightweight and easy to assemble. A braided rope made of cotton with a diameter of 10 mm is very firm, so the rope ladder can hold up to 70 kg. Wooden rungs are secured with knots and metal clips.
✔ The wooden plate swing is made of natural wood and ecological cotton ropes. All materials are child and environmentally friendly: the ladder play tower can be used in the children's room. Wood has a natural surface (no harmful agents are used in the production).
✔The rope from our children's ladder for children is very robust but feels comfortable. The product can also be connected to a wall bar. All wooden elements are carefully sanded and therefore completely safe for your child's hands. Ropes are connected with metal clamps, which are also more durable compared to plastic elements.
✔The children's swing accessory has a simple shape and can serve as a universal element in all children's rooms. Light wood and white ropes go well with any decor and are particularly suitable for Scandinavian style rooms.

Rope Ladder/Triangle Hanging Ladder for Children, Sustainable Hanging Ladder Mad

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