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Orthopaedic dog bed. A great modern dog bed that meets the highest demands. In the development all our experience gathered and tips and hints from vets and, of course, our customers as well, flew in. Your dog sleeps gently on the joints and spines. The materials used are very high quality and guarantee a long service life. Can be ordered in four sizes. - Made from high-quality upholstering material with a suede look. The material is Teflon-coated and therefore water-resistant. Due to the innovative Teflon coating, the dog cushion completely deflects dirt and is therefore particularly easy to clean and use. Very robust and scratch-proof. Made in Dresden to German quality standards. The base is made from the same fabric. In the lying surface there is a mattress with memory foam (memory effect adapts to the weight and body temperature; height: 8 cm (5 cm PU foam + 3 cm visco foam). This can be removed and used separately.


Orthopaedic Dog Bed/Sofa/Sleeping Area with Visco Foam, Mattress, Suede Look, br

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