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RC Monster Truck 2 Batteries, 4WD, 45 km/h, 100 m Range

This model car is the perfect introduction to model making, where some craftsmanship skill is also useful.


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About this item
RTR: Ready to Run: This means instant fun without complicated assembly
Up to 45 km/h fast thanks to the powerful 380 motor and smooth-running ball bearings
100 metre range thanks to the advanced 2.4 GHz radio system
2 x batteries each with 1200 mAh / 7.4 V included - 40 minutes driving fun in one piece
4x4 four-wheel drive / 4WD with 2 independent differentials

This also requires regular care and maintenance.

Please note the following care instructions:

- Clean the car from dirt after every ride to maintain the freedom of the individual components.
- Dry the car if it comes into contact with water, so that the electronics do not damage it.
- Charge and discharge the batteries at least every 2 weeks. Even when the car is not in use. So they retain the full capacity.

Corresponding spare parts can be purchased via the enclosed spare parts catalogue.


On the body of the vehicle there is a protective film when delivered, which can be easily removed.

Item features:

- Scale: 1:18
- 100 metre range thanks to the advanced 2.4 GHz radio system (similar to a WLAN router).
- Ergonomic remote control in pistol shape (requires 3 x AA batteries, not included).
- Powerful motor: 380 electric brush motor.
- High-quality smooth-running ball bearings.
- Speed up to 45 km/h.
- 2 x 1200 mAh batteries included.
- Up to 40 minutes of driving fun with both batteries.
- 4x4 4WD / 4WD

Box contents:

-´r RC Monterstruck in red.
- Wireless remote control.
- 2 x batteries.
- USB charger.
- Multilingual user manual (English language
- Spare parts catalogue.

Monster truck Remote Controlled RC Car 45 km/h,

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