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Material    Metal
Colour    Red
Style    Rotating
Item weight    2.03 Kilograms
Cutting width    43 Centimetres
Number of positions    8
Operation mode    Manual
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About this item

Lifting device for all standard lawn mowers, and you can easily clean the lawn mower alone or replace the knives.
Solid and robust steel construction for jacking, stands stable.
The maximum load capacity up to 50 kg.
The height of the lawn mower jack is adjustable and the lifting height range is 43-61 cm.
Very easy to assemble / disassemble, easy to store, space-saving storage.

 lawnmower height adjustable from 43 to 61 cm max. Load 50 kg front support lifter with 8 positions ideal for cleaning or repairing the mower. Thanks to the adjustable height, you can place and clean your mower as needed. Our mower lift is made of strong metal and provides safety and stability when you repair your lawnmower. You only need 3 minutes to assemble and disassemble this mower. It is therefore not only easy to install, but also easy to store. Features: Material: Metal; Height: 43 to 61 cm; Weight: 2.5 kg; Maximum load: 50 kg.

Lawn Mower Lifting Device Maximum Load 50 kg Height Adjustable

€89.00 Regular Price
€69.00Sale Price
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