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Whether skilfully set in the scene as a side table or as an eye-catcher for the entire living area - the solid opium coffee table gives your living room oriental charm. In the classic opium shape, it captivates the senses with its elaborately crafted appearance. The knowledge that you call a handmade unique piece its own increases the feeling of well-being you capture at the sight of the wooden table.

Quality, responsibility and craftsmanship skills.

In order to give you long-lasting enjoyment of the piece of furniture, the living room table is made of solid sheesham wood. The tropical, particularly hard wood species is ideal for extravagant pieces of furniture. The grain is unique and not only inspires lovers of rustic style.

With its 60 cm width and depth, the coffee table provides storage space for decorative elements, remote controls or the cup of coffee in the afternoon. Perfectly adapted to today's living landscapes, it comes with a comfortable height of 40 cm. In addition to the four swinging curved wooden legs, the arched side panels give the Opium model its Asian character. The strong, reddish-brown colour of the wood brings out the striking grain first class.

Sheesham wood.

Sheesham, also known as rosewood, is an extremely hard, durable and eye-catching wood due to its beauty. Its rapid growth makes the sheesham tree excellent for controlled plantations.

Precious wood.

Like oak, cherry or cedar, the wood of the sheesham tree belongs to the so-called precious woods. Precious wood is referred to to woods with a special grain, colouring, a special hardness or rarity.


Sheesham furniture is absolutely unique. Just like the tree from which they were made, the colouring and grain is absolutely unique. Each Sheesham solid wood furniture looks a little different and is unique. Two identical sheesham furniture can look completely different. This is also not a defect, but makes every piece of furniture something very special, valuable and unique. And that's exactly what makes Sheesham furniture so unique.
Coffee Table Made of Elegant Sheesham Rosewood Solid Wood
Curved legs emphasise the elegant design. Large table top offers plenty of storage space. Square shape - ideal for many living landscapes. ExpresOpium Coffee Table 60 x 40 x 60 cm Sheesham Solid Wood Real Wood Living Room Table Square Brown House Table Low Side Table Sofa Table Small Table Living Room Tableside and individual wood grain.

Curved legs
Large storage area 60 x 60 cm.
Oriental opium shape.
Max. Capacity: 20 kg.

Elegant Coffee Table Sheesham Solid Wood

€199.00 Regular Price
€187.00Sale Price
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