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Infrared heater.
Like a small sun, infrared heaters emit long wave infrared light that warms all people and objects directly and instantly. They work absolutely silently and no dust is stirred up - perfect for allergy sufferers and noise-sensitive areas.
Please note imported from Germany will have 2 pin plug
1200 W LED 65 cm Glass
Fast warmth: The Primal Heat 65 bistro table heater brings pleasant warmth to any occasion. With 1200 watts of power, no one gets cold so quickly. In addition, the spread of very pleasant infrared heat for human skin.
Efficient technology: thanks to the use of infrared radiation, the entire power is unchanged into heat radiation and there are no loss caused by convection or light generation. In addition, no annoying operating noise is generated.
Also suitable for allergy sufferers: this heater is also the ideal choice for allergy sufferers, because it works without a fan and thus prevents the stirring of dust. Tip: about 50 W of heat output should be calculated per square metre of heating.
Easy to use: the set-up is extremely easy. The Heater is simply plugged into a socket, done. Thanks to its solid and stable feet, the heater has a secure stand anytime and anywhere.
For any occasion: the heater is ideal for rooms without central heating, e.g. in the weekend houses or party rooms. Of course, it also brings quick and uncomplicated heat on cool days . Quick to warm: Heating table with 1200 watt carbon infrared heating tube.
Infrared sensors: Sensors with approx. 60 cm range for automatic heating on approach
In wind and weather: can be used outdoors thanks to splash protection (IP44).
Everything at a glance: with switchable white LED lighting.
Robust: elegant, 50 cm glass top made from tinted safety glass.
Sit warm: Table height of 65 cm, perfect

Electric bistro table styled heater 65cm

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