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Bicycle mounting stands with high load capacity
bicycle mounting stand, repair stand for bicycles, heavy-duty assembly stand, bicycle stand with quick-release devices, welded clamping head, rotatable through 360°, black-red

This repair stand works for you: in the future you will no longer have to repair your bike by crawling on the floor or using the shower curtain rod in the bathroom (there are great ideas). With this professional, 2-legged repair stand , your bike can be raised to a comfortable height so that you can easily reach all places.

From Dutch bikes to mountain bikes: This assembly stand can be loaded with Dutch bikes or mountain bikes up to 25 kg. The soft plastic clamp grips bicycle frames or seat posts with a diameter of 25 to 40 mm and can be rotated 360°.

Product Details:

Colour: Black-Red

Material: steel

Size: 95 x 81 x 97-157 cm (L x W x H)

Weight: 7kg

Max static load: 25 kg

Scope of delivery:

1 * Bike Repair Stand

1 x Magnetic Tool Tray

1 x manual (DE, EN, FR, ES, IT)


This product was designed exclusively for the assembly and repair of bicycles in the private sector. Please assemble and use this product strictly according to the instructions.

Place the product on a level, solid surface. There should be no other objects in the vicinity that could lead to collisions.

Please be careful when folding, unfolding or adjusting the height of the product.

The maximum load of this product is 25 kg. This stand is therefore unsuitable for repairing heavier bicycles.

The clamp can include rods with a diameter of 25-40 mm. Please do not use the product for bicycles with larger linkages.

When repairing a bicycle using this product, you should ensure that the center of gravity of the bicycle is always balanced.

Please do not let children climb or play near the product to avoid possible injury.

Bicycle mounting stands with high load capacity

€117.00 Regular Price
€112.00Sale Price
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