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  •  Automatic welding helmet, large field of view for all common welding techniques, including 5 replacement lens

  • For all common welding techniques: the  welding helmet is suitable for the most common welding techniques, e.g.: MIG, MAG, WIG or arc welding and impresses with its optical class of 1/1/2.
  • Perfect eye protection: with this automatic welding helmet, your eyes are optimally protected during welding work. And at the same time the best view of your workpiece. The automatic darkening works by means of solar cells with adjustment options on the helmet. Thanks to the fast switching times, you will save the constant removal of the mask and you work more comfortably and faster.
  • High wearing comfort: the carrying frame of the sweat shield is padded and offers you comfort when working. Practical: it can be adjusted to the head size.
  • Large field of vision: light weight and robust material of our sweat shield offer you a comfortable product. It is very large in comparison and covers a whole 92.5 mm x 42.5 mm. So you have a clear view and can see everything well.
  • Easy battery replacement: with the ADF self check system, you can easily check whether the battery is already for use. If it is no longer sufficiently charged, the LED flashes. The battery can be replaced quickly and easily - no annoying disassembly required. In addition, you will receive 5 replacement lenses; 2 for indoor and outdoor use.

Automatic welding helmet, large

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